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It depends a bit on what you want to do with your PayPal Account in Thailand. If you just want to use your account to withdraw money to your local Bank Account the thing is very easy. You can withdraw money to almost any bank account in Thailand. If you have a company and want to receive payments via PayPal this one should do. However for some strange reason you might not be able to purchase products or services when using a overseas PayPal account. For example: You create a web shop and hook it up with your Thai PayPal account to receive money. As long as customers purchase something with another Thai PayPal account everything should be fine and work out. However: Now imagine someone from France, Germany or another country wants to shop online at your website using their respective PayPal account. They might see that they won’t be able to make a purchase at this website, due to technical reasons. Strange, right! However if you use an overseas PayPal account with your websites shopping system the problem doesn’t occur. I could find no information’s on the PayPal website whatsoever. If you try to contact PayPal about that matter, Good Luck. Let me know if anyone found a solution here.

Things become a bit trickier if you want to be able to also transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account, which is only possible with a personal bank account. (No company Bank Accounts) In this case I would recommend Kasikorn Bank as you can easily hook up their personal bank cards with PayPal.

1st step: Go to the PayPal Site at

2nd step: Open a Kasikorn Bank account or use the one you have (Don’t forget to bring your passport with valid Visa and your work permit if you have one)

3rd step: Apply for online Banking at your bank Branch

4th step: Apply online for a K-Web Shopping Card (it’s a virtual credit card coming at no cost)

5th step: Once you have the Information for this virtual credit Card you can log in to your PayPal Account again. Go to My Account and then Profile. Here you and insert your Banking Information.

To withdraw money you just enter your Bank Account information. To send money to your PayPal Account you insert the Information you got from your K-Web Shopping Card. Now your Bank account is hooked up both ways with your PayPal account.

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